Xcalak and Mahahual (Majahual), Southern Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Costa Maya
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Xcalak Lodging and other amenities

Banco Chinchorro and Local Xcalak Diving
Fly Fishing on the Flats
El Placer north of Majahual (Mahahual)

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Xcalak.TV ~ Xcalak Travel Vacations on the Costa Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Mexican Caribbean

Xcalak, Southern Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Costa Maya
Xcalak Lodging and other amenities

Banco Chinchorro and Local Xcalak Diving
Fly Fishing on the Flats

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   Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico is a wonderfully remote area that is gaining popularity with Scuba Divers, Snorkelers, Fly Fishermen, Birders and other adventurers of the Mexican Caribbean. Xcalak is 60 kilometers south of Majahual, the site of the new Cruise Ship Port on the Costa Maya. Xcalak is located on the southern most tip of Quintana Roo not far from the Belize Border. The trip from Cancun Airport to Xcalak is approximately a 4½ hour drive.

   XTC Dive Center offers trips to Banco Chinchorro via their high speed boat, the Tzimin-Ha (sea horse in Maya). Banco Chinchorro is a pristine dive area approximately 20 miles offshore and northeast of Xcalak. Banco Chinchorro is a 30 mile long and 15 mile wide atoll. There are many reefs inside the main reef, and an unknown number of shipwrecks. This beautiful reef with four small, uninhabited islands peeking above the azure waters is bordered by breath taking walls and sloping reefs all around. There are shipwrecks in waters as shallow as ten feet, with old cannons scattered across the bottom. Banco Chinchorro is home to abundant marine life, with hundreds of species of fish, coral, and other sea life seldom seen elsewhere. XTC Dive Center offers the only boat to Banco Chinchorro from Xcalak. They also offer a complete dive facility for your diving adventures.

  Local diving is so fantastic that even if a trip to Banco Chinchorro is not possible due to weather, finances, or not enough divers for the Banco Chinchorro experience you will have a unique experience comparable to no other on the Mexican Caribbean Coast. The local dive sites abound, starting from the North going South:
Hob Na, Santa Julia, Poza Rica, Blanquizar, Ciudad Undida, Siete Cocos, Doña Nica, Los Cañones, Quebrado, G Spot, La Poza, La Pozeta, Blanquizarea, Portilla, Coral Garden, La Chimenea, Scott's Playground and loads more that are secret finds of the local operators.

   Local dive operators are XTC Dive Center, Costa de Cocos, and Casa Carolina. Dive instruction is available at these dive operations. All the area resorts can arrange local diving and or Banco Chinchorro diving.

   Snorkeling is most appealing directly in front of all resorts. Resort Properties

      Note: Some of the resorts are offering email service and or internet service. Please see individual resorts for details.

New ~ Please visit Xcalak FlyFishing with Captain Victor Castro

   Fly fishing rates are available at XTC Dive Center, Costa de Cocos, Casa Carolina and Hotel Tierra Maya. All other resorts can arrange fly fishing. Trolling or bottom fishing are also available.

   You will find nice accommodations as you head out of town to the north, Costa de Cocos, Hotel Tierra Maya, The Reef House, Casa Carolina, Kimmel's Kabana, Playa Sonrisa, Sin Duda, Tesoro Casa Caracola, and Coral Garden Inn, located in the suburbs of Xcalak Pueblo.

    Xcalak Pueblo offers several restaurants in town. Margaritas Veggie Stand offers breakfast and lunch. Silvia's Restaurante serves lunch and dinner, they also hosts the Xcalak Kid's Library . Please bring a couple of Kid's books in Spanish and or supplies of all natures. The kids here are very interested in learning. Leaky Palapa Restaurant by Linda and Marla in town also offer a few days of the best of service and the food is some of the best in the world! That is the truth.

     Xcalak Pueblo, now let's talk about groceries. There are several small Tiendas (stores) in Xcalak but they do not carry much of a selection. There is however a Grocery Truck that comes by on Tuesday and Friday, there are others that pass by but are not on a regular schedule. They have a good selection of items. Ask about these trucks at your resort. It is suggested that you purchase a supply of groceries prior to arriving in Xcalak if you plan to cook for yourself.

   Xcalak offers a number of small resorts with nearly all the amenities you could desire with the exception of wild nightlife. If you want wild nightlife this is not the place. There are only a few cantinas in the area. The number of Restaurants is limited but very good. Hotel Tierra Maya and Costa de Cocos offer walk in service for all meals. Playa Sonrisa's Loco Nutz Apres Ski Bar & Grill is a private club for hotel guests only. Several of the resorts offer breakfast. There are resorts with kitchens in the rooms, others do not have kitchens. Air conditioning is a premium but there are two resorts that offer limited air conditioning , Playa Sonrisa limited hours. These resorts run on wind, solar and generator power. Please no curling irons or hairdryers here. Leaky Palapa Restaurant by Linda and Marla in town also offer a few days of the best of service and the food is some of the best in the world! That is the truth., Silvias Restaurante, and Margarita's Veggie Stand in Xcalak Pueblo.

   Most resorts offer sea kayaks for your paddling pleasure. The beaches are different than the rest of the coast in that the water is quite shallow at the water's edge. Costa de Cocos, Hotel Tierra Maya, Casa Carolina, (The Reef House has use of Casa Carolina's dock) and Playa Sonrisa offer a dock to take you to deeper water for swimming and boating. Some of the resorts have made a channel to facilitate your swimming from shore, this includes, Casa Escondida,Coral Garden Inn, Tesoro Casa Caracola, and Kimmel's Kabana with very nice swimming areas .

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  There are many Mayan ruins in the southern part of Quintana Roo. Some of these are Kohunlich, Tzibanche, Xpujil, Rio Bec, Becán, Chiccana, El Ramonai, Oxpemul, Maruchín, Chacchoben and Calakmul to name a few. There are others that you pass on your way from Cancun to Xcalak. Xcaret (Polé), Xelha, Tulum, Muyil (Chunyaxché), Tixmul, and Los Limones if you should find time on the way. There is actually a Mayan ruins at Xcalak.

   Fort San Felipe is a great place to visit on Laguna Bacalar. Cenote Azul is also a good stopping off point on the way to visit the Capital of Quintana Roo, Chetumal. I do have a contact for overnight stays on Laguna Bacalar, please ask me.

   So come to Xcalak to "Find the Magic", "Encuentra lo mágico", "Tin kax ta ma'lo ba" that we have to offer.

We hope this site has content that is valuable to everyone traveling to Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico on the Costa Maya.

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